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Autumn wedding flowers


When I think of fall, it brings to mind: changes, crisp morning air, apple pies, and golden sunshine through vivid red leaves. It’s no wonder that fall weddings want to reflect this mood in the air. When thinking about wedding flowers for fall, we think of using flowers with shades of yellow, orange, and reds.

Here are some seasonal flowers (and their pricing range) that will accentuate nicely with your fall colour theme:

  • Dahlia $$
  • Cymbidium orchid $$$
  • Orange Asiatic lilies $$
  • Celosia $$
  • Gerbera $$
  • Calla lilies $$$
  • Chrysanthemum $
  • Rose $$
  • Hypericum berries $$
  • Sunflower $$

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