Classy in white

An elegant orchid with a bed of tropical foliage will make a great gift

Price: $90

Luxe orchid planter

Spectacular orchids in 2 shades with a tropical bed of blooms and greenery

Price: $100


Add colour to your desk with this cute planter

Price: $60


Serenely beautiful and long lasting tropical plants

Price: $100

Medium succulent terrarium

Includes at least 1 large and 1 small succulent.

Price: $40

Deluxe succulent terrarium

Contains at least 3 succulents. Great for any occasion.

Price: $50

Teapot terrarium

Vintage teapot (selection and size varies) with a mixture of succulents.

Price: $85-100

Modern planter

Tall and lush orchid in a unique planter and butterfly accent

Price: $75

Mom’s favourite

Lovely orchids and tropicals in a colourful planter

Price: $95

Orchid planter

Elegant and simple. This planter will bloom for months.

Ho ho ho planter

Decorate for the holiday in style with this lovely planter with poinsettia and spruce tree

Anthurium planter

Great on a desk at work or in your kitchen window

Deck the poinsettia

Poinsettia decked out in colourful ornaments

Tropical terrarium

These miniature landscapes make lovely conversation starters.

Festive planter

Holiday gifts that last

Poinsettia planter

Wonderful holiday gift that will last for months to come

Air plant terrarium

Delicate and lovely. These terrariums need minimal care.

Price: $20